Starting with version 2022.2.*-221, JPA Buddy provides free and paid functionality

Most of its features stay free, including all visual designers for entities, Spring Data repositories, SQL and Liquibase changelogs. However, some features are available only under commercial license, e.g. differential migration scripts generation. Find comparison for free and commercial versions here.

We hope the paid features are useful and bring enough value in exchange for a couple of dollars. Your small financial contribution is a big deal for the JPA Buddy team. It will allow us to spend more time on the plugin development adding more awesome features and polishing already existing ones.

Older versions will be available for free as it is shown in the table below:

JPA Buddy versionIntelliJ IDEA compatible versionsPremium features availability
2022.1.*-2122021.2.*Free until October 1, 2022
2022.1.*-2132021.3.*Free until October 1, 2022
2022.1.*-2212022.1.*Free until October 1, 2022
2022.2.*-2132021.3.*Free until January 1, 2023
2022.2.*-2212022.1.*Requires subscription
All newer versions of JPA Buddy2022.1+Requires subscription

Since you update your IDE to the 2022.1 version you will be prompted to update JPA Buddy to the latest version, which will already require a subscription to use the premium features.

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