JPA Buddy is a free IntelliJ plugin. There are a few features available only for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition subscribers.

To get JPA Buddy, follow the installation guide.

Features Comparison
IntelliJ IDEA
CE Ultimate
Entity Designer
Creating new entities
Creating and editing attributes, associations, indexes, lifecycle callbacks, named queries, and constraints
Generating proper equals, hashCode, and toString methods
Generating Hibernate Event Listeners
Coding Assistance
Code inspections checking the validity of entities and Spring Data JPA repositories
Code inspections ensuring safe use of Lombok
A vast set of code generation actions available via hotkeys and quick-fixes
Code completions for Spring Data repositories and MapStruct mappers
In-code injects for Spring Data repositories and MapStruct mappers
Spring Data JPA
Creating new repositories
Generating queries using visual constructors
Extracting JPQL from derived method queries
Generating projections
Building EntityGraph for repository methods
Audit support
DB migration with Liquibase
Coding assistance and autocompletion
Visual designers for Liquibase changelogs
Generating differential versioned changelogs
Generating Liquibase changelog for DB initialization from scratch
DB migration with Flyway and SQL
Visual designers for Flyway migrations and SQL scripts
Generating differential versioned migrations
Generating DDL for DB initialization from scratch
DDL Generation
Generating DDL by Entities
Appending DDL statements into the existing .sql file
Resolving validation fails issue right from the stack trace
Reverse engineering
Generating entities from DB tables and views
Adding attributes to existing entities based on DB columns
Generating references that are not backed with a column: OneToMany, OneToOne, ManyToMany
DTO generation
Generating DTOs from JPA entities
Keeping DTOs in sync with its JPA entity
Java Record support
Generating JPA entities from POJOs
MapStruct and ModelMapper support
Generating DTOs from any POJOs